Winterfeldtplatz Market - Schöneberg

I have been looking for a Borough Market type set up here in Berlin, with the cool stands and the great food.  It’s true that Borough Market in London is eye waterlingly expensive and jammed full of people but I loved to go down on a saturday, get in a great breakfast at Brindisa, a coffee at Monmouth and then hit all my favorite stands and spend way too much money!  Ach, old London life…  How I miss you some days!

This is the Timeout Berlin’s Market Critique Choice and I am inclined to agree with them!  I still have loads of markets to visit, in fact this weeks Tip Berlin has a listing of notable Berlin markets (By the way, if there is anyone out there that feels like translating those pages for me, just holler!).  So far my forays into Berlin markets has been a bit of a let down so I was pleased to finally come across one that I would bother to come back to.

It’s a mix of fresh fruit and vegetable stands, butchers, fishmongers, odd bits and pieces and my favorite stand so far Steckerlfisch (I’ve provided the link but there is not much to see!)  They do perfectly grilled fish.  I ordered a fillet of what everyone was having last weekend.  The fish was taken off the grill, put into a white bun that was smeared with chopped herbs and mayonnaise.  It was to die for! So good that I am salivating as I write this.  The flesh was just seconds away from being under-cooked which meant it was unbelievably moist.  I don’t think I will ever be able to eat fish In Berlin any other way!

Incidentally, I also had a side of potato salad with chantrelles, which was in keeping with the vinegary style that is so popular here in Germany.  I am still not taken with that style but it was as good as can be while still fulfilling German potato salad criteria.

There are plenty of other fun food stands serving vegetarian, Turkish, even African food.  Including one that sells quark with various toppings.  I was particularly taken with the quark with sour cherries.  I will report back if I try something else you have to try.    

Check out the stand that sells the most original cookie cutters I have ever seen.  Brandenburger Tor cookie anyone?  Seems like this stand is a must for anyone planning on doing some Christmas baking. 

The streets that lead off Winterfeldtplatz are full of promising cafes and restaurants.  I need to have a proper wander round but I am sure I will find some blogable spots!

The market has fewer stands during the week but also fewer people.  If you leave it until too late on Saturday, the market will be packed, you will have to spend a lot of time squeezing your way through enthusiastic punters.  So try to go around 10 am.

Wednesday 8-14 and Saturday 8-16
U-Bhf. Nollendorfplatz

10 Responses to Winterfeldtplatz Market - Schöneberg

  1. F says:

    Hey, love your writing, and your beautiful photos!
    If you send me your email I’ll send you my translation attempts of the market reviews…

  2. kekstester says:

    Thanks for showing us the cookie cutter stand! Iam planning to visit Winterfeldtmarkt one of the coming Saturdays.

  3. You should try the Markthalle am Gleisdreieck ( ). It’s a brand new indoor-market in an old factroy building and they had quite a variety of food stalls. I have only been there once so far, on their opening weekend, and it seems like they are undergoing constructions at the moment but will be back in the end of november. I really enjoyed strolling around there and I even remember seeing a Steckerlfisch-stand.

  4. Looks good. They seem to be opening again in late November if I am not mistaken? I went to Winterfeldt this weekend and the fish guys were not there! I was SO disappointed!

  5. Die Backfoermchen gefallen mir sehr. Sorry, I could translate your page, but should be starting on my own blog first. That would take up some time. I am sure sure yo will find a volunteer. Good luck!

  6. Maria says:

    If you still need someone to translate the pages let me know. It might take a while, but I can try ;)

    • Thank you Maria. Someone translated it for me. A bit on hold as it is So cold in Berlin at the moment!

      • Maria says:

        i feel ya. The cold yesterday was biting off my nose, cheeks, lips actually any part of my body I left uncovered by at least 3 layers of clothes. But we get the beautiful snow to look at as a reward today, dont we?? And thats something at least. Don’t freeze, good luck from a fellow Berliner

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