Volver, Mitte

Volver is our local joint.  It is a tiny Andalusian tapas restaurant run by a couple (she is in the kitchen while he waits on the tables).  The interior is cluttered and sports various shades of terracotta and burgundy and would not be out of place in little village in Spain.  The tables are small and close together, when the plates start to come, they all overlap slightly. Whenever we go, we order about 5 plates of tapas for two.  Usually the jamón de pata negra, a plate of chorizo, the grilled calamari for me, the meatballs in white wine for him and the 5th plate is sometimes potatoes, sometimes, croquettes.

It’s all tasty.  The portions are larger than what I would assume to be Tapas portions but I have a feeling that’s to placate Berliners, who are used to big portions.

There is usually a terracotta plate of Aioli on the table which is terribly addictive, even if the bread is a huge let down and reminiscent of an airline roll.  Even so, I manage to eat most of the garlic flavoured mayonnaise on my own.

Volver is only opened for dinner, the explanation being that Maria and Michel do all the cooking themselves.  It is a great place for authentic atmosphere and home cooking.

Luisenstrasse 41
10117 Berlin
T. 030 27 57 21 64
Mon-Fri 18:00 - 23:00
Sat. 18:00 - 24:00
Sun. Closed

4 Responses to Volver, Mitte

  1. What a wonderful discovery via multikulinaria. :-)

    I want to visit soon a new hot-spot around the corner called “de Maufel” near Savigny-Platz.. Come with me……..


    Alles Gute,

  2. LDN Eats NYC says:

    That looks really good! you should try baking bread for them…good tapas needs good bread…

    • You know what, bread is one thing I don’t make very often. Last time was about two years ago. Even though I have an amazing starter from a bread guru here in Berlin. No excuse really!

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