Tacos Berlin, Food Truck

Sylee from Berlinreified tweeted about a Taco truck at the Neukölln Flohmarkt on the weekend. Down we went.  With zero expectations (for once).  By the time we made it out there it was after two in the afternoon, and most of the menu had been x’d out dramatically with some black tape.

Interesting.  Sold out had they?

And even though we had just finished brunch at Soho House, my friend lined up and ordered us a couple of pork carnita tacos.  

Wow!  Good.  Very good.  Wasn’t expecting that at all.  First of all, they are small (and this is a good thing in my book).  I ate mine in 3 bites.   The minute I finished it, I brought the paper tray up to my lips and slurped up the pork flavoured lime juice that had pooled there.  There was a small radish, that in its singularity seemed like the juiciest radish I had ever tasted.

I’m sure the bright sunshine helped and getting food from a jaunty little truck with a rainbow coloured blanket draped over the seats.

But no!  No excuses needed.  I think they would have tasted just as delicious on a rainy day.  I’ve become so used to being a party pooper about eats in Berlin, that when I am pleasantly surprised, I just, I guess…well, I’m kind of at a loss for words.

The people making and serving the food sounded American. Their website doesn’t give anything away.  They serve tacos, burritos and mini tortas (the last two, I need to try next time) you can book them for your next catering event (I may just have to make up an event to get the truck there).  And um, they got someone good to design their logo.


And here is a cool link for The 25 Best Food Trucks from New York Magazine (obviously not in Berlin but I can still dream…)

2 Responses to Tacos Berlin, Food Truck

  1. Sylee says:

    Yay! Sounds like a food blogger meet-up waiting to happen, no?

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