Nazuna, Japanese Deli, Prenzlauerberg


Excuse me as I breathe a very audible sigh of relief, that for once, a new place has opened that is not doing some variation of Alpine food, Swabian food or falafel.

I mean finally!

The Japanese Deli: Nazuna, is on Danzingerstrasse.  In a mint ice cream coloured building with speckled walls that make it look like it has perpetual goosebumps.  The tiled walls and floors of the former butcher’s shop have been kept intact with a new addition of a large bar, painted in a thin layer of matt white paint so that you can still see wood blemishes beneath.

Shuffling back and forth behind this space, with a brightly coloured scarf tied around her head, was Tsuki.

Everything in the glass cabinet was laid out with care, like they were of great value.  I ordered a large bento box (€7.50).  (I love bento boxes, they are like an advent calendar except you get to open it all at once. ) The sticky white rice was covered with fluffy sweet egg on one side and chicken mince on the other, a diagonal confetti of seaweed making it all look a bit Aladdin Sane.  There was some wilted spinach in a light sesame dressing.  Pickled something or other, delicious, whatever it was.  3 edamame beans, 1 cherry tomato, 1 oven dried tomato.  A small pot of zingy bright orange dressing, which I poured onto my rice once I had finished the chicken and the egg.  (I know there are rules about what you can and can not put on rice in Japan but it was too good to leave behind.  The chocolate cake was on the dry side, which gave me an excuse to go back to Tsuki and order a dessert.)

The desserts seemed on the petite side for the price of €3.90. But then I calculated that this delicious lunch would only be costing me €11.40 so I took off my stingy hat and ordered a Jasmine tapioca, with coconut nata, yuzu cream and 3 red currants perched on top.  It was refreshing, floral and subtle.  The perfect thing to wrap up the lunch which left me feeling sated but still light enough to make my wobbly way back to Mitte (have I mentioned I’m afraid fo my bicycle? I’ve fallen of once and when I start, I unsteadily drift into two car lanes until I straighten up, only to find myself at a red light again. Oh and to those people who ride, one hand in their pocket? Stop showing off!)I was surprised when even though I hadn’t ordered a drink, Tsuki came over with a tall glass of ice-cold roast barley tea.

“For you” she said, bowing “it’s good with the food and refreshing on a day like today.”

Utterly charmed by the place.

Meet you there for lunch?

Danziger Str 65. 10435 Berlin
Tel. 030 68 07 50 43
E-mail. [email protected]

5 Responses to Nazuna, Japanese Deli, Prenzlauerberg

  1. Annika says:

    Totally charmed by this place! And would love to meet you there for lunch.
    I would come with my bicycle both hands in my pockets…!

  2. Ha Ha!
    Teach me how to do that, would you?
    Let’s go here next time you are in Berlin, or else, you show me Amman next time I visit.

  3. chuntsah says:

    Right, I’m heading there. Maybe too far from work for lunch but an early dinner. Yum!

    (it’s a vast improvement on establishments with “Thai, Vietnamese, Sushi” proudly advertised. All under the same roof!

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