Meierei - Alpine Deli, Prenzlauer Berg

Here is a conundrum, Meierei is a place I go to a lot but normally I don’t like this kind of food…

…It’s an Alpine Deli.  Enough said.

But let me say a little more -

Some perennial Meierei foods are Weisswurst which little L loves (proving her Bavarian roots), a fat slice of Leberkase between a white brotchen, or ox goulash with dumplings.  When I see it black and white like that, I can’t believe that I go there as often as I do!  The prams (it is in Prenzlauer Berg after all) and the bicycles that are all crowded outside the small shop front prove that I am not the only Meierei lover out there.  Often it’s hard to find a seat!

So what is it that keeps me going back for more?

I think it’s their consistency, their use of premium products (although they don’t go on about it like a broken record), the enthusiasm and knowledge of their staff.  They seem to live by the idiom “if a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”  That is why the little side salad that comes with a lot of the main dishes is perky and evenly dressed.  Or you have to wait a full 15 minutes for the Weisswurst to be gently heated in simmering water.  And why their goulash is so damned tasty!

I am particularly fond of their dark hot chocolate, their yummy apple struddle (that often sells out by 6pm) - oh and my kingdom for a slice of Meierei cheesecake.  For the meat averse, there is often a vegetarian main on or a soup.  I tried a pumpkin and beer soup the other day which was really tasty!

Alpenländische Spezialitäten
Kollwitzstrasse 45
D-10405 Berlin
T. (0)30-921 295 73

4 Responses to Meierei - Alpine Deli, Prenzlauer Berg

  1. Sylee says:

    Have you tried their Kaspressknödel? A dense cheese-rich wodge immersed in rich dark broth. Oh, now I want to go there for dinner!

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  3. Ann says:

    ..must be perfect for the season now!

    ..their apple “struddle” is simply the best in town (i found)!…

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