Manufactum Cookware Shop and Knesbeckstrasse, Charlottenburg

I am going to teach you how to wile away an entire afternoon and spend too much money on things you don’t urgently need but end up desperately wanting.  If you consider yourself to be a reasonable person, you should probably look away now…

Manufactum is like a German version of Divertimenti, the cookware section at Harrods and Lakeland; all rolled into one and simmered until it is the very essence of those 3 except more expensive.  You can buy a meat slicer starting from €600, or a Jelly making kit or whatever, if it’s fancy Manufactum will have it.

Actually Manufactum is more than a cookware shop, it has clothes, mops, stationery, children’s toys but just the essentials and all well made (I don’t think they stock one thing made in China).  However, my particular shopping compulsion extends only to cookware, cookbooks and ingredients.

Apologies for the fuzzy pictures.  I did attempt to follow proper protocol and ask permission to take pictures.  I was told “No” before I had even finished my question (what is it with the German love for this two letter world anyhow?  It’s like they didn’t get to say it enough when they were two and now they are making up for lost time!).  I nodded, seemingly obediently but then swapped my iPhone for my Leica and started shooting away happily.  Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I am determined to promote Manufactum despite their best efforts to thwart me…  Wait… That doesn’t sound right now does it?

If you haven’t spent every last Euro cent in your wallet then have coffee or lunch even at Brot & Butter (which sounds suspiciously like Soluna Brot und Öl) deli next door.  This is still part of Manufactum and it has the same sleek pedigree.  I have yet to have lunch here but it looks good and is always full.

From there take a stroll down Knesebeckstrasse towards the much-lauded Savignyplatz (not much to see in itself but plenty of jewels along the way).  You might want to favour independent New York style deli Ruhland & Ruhland with your custom instead of big corporate Manufactum.  I haven’t eaten there yet but spent a good 10 minutes watching events unfold and it all promises to be excellent (read more on Slow Travel Berlin).

Next stop has to be Glasklar Gläser (13/14 Knesebeckstrasse). This must be where glassware goes to heaven.  They are all here; wine glasses short and stout and long and thin, carafes, jam jars, vases and bowls.  And, I found the Wecks tulip jar for €1.40 after I bought them from Manufactum for €1.60 (they were over €2.00 at old school Cadolph off Savignypltz!).  

Also on this street is EssenFassen, a one chef restaurant that sounded great in principle but was a total let down (more on that later)!

You can also find a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker…  No, you can’t.  But it’s a street that any self-respecting foodie should visit and if you are a parent I recommend Steff’s Lädchen for some adorable and original toys.

(Kudos to Misterrios - -for turning me on to Manufactum in the first place.)

Manufactum / Brot und Butter
Hardenbergstrasse 4-5
10623 Berlin

Ruhland & Ruhland
(custom-made food and fine groceries)
Knesebeckstr 5
10623, Berlin

Glaskar Gläser
Knesebeckstr 13/14
10623, Berlin

Old school DIY shop with cookware section
Savignyplatz 3
10623 Berlin
030 3138044

5 Responses to Manufactum Cookware Shop and Knesbeckstrasse, Charlottenburg

  1. Sasa says:

    I am completely unreasonable and hanker to go to Manufactum and spend every last cent I have. It looks like just my kind of place. I would probably be compelled to make faces and snort loudly at the photo naysayers too.

  2. Peggy says:

    I would definitely love to get lost in a place like Manufactum! Ogling over things I don’t immediately need, but REALLY desperately want!

  3. I would buy a ticket to Berlin, just to visit Manufactum. Obviously, people in Germany still take cooking seriously. Thanks for letting me dream of cookware, if only for a while.


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