Hudson’s Cakes, British Cakes, Kreuzberg

I wish I could find something like Hudson’s cakes in Mitte.  I think I would end up spending rather a lot of time there, peeking into the kitchen, chatting with the owners and admiring them for taking the leap and starting a business in Berlin.  A food business.  Wow.

I went when they had been opened for just over a week.  There were 5 or so sandwiches on offer and a couple of British style cakes in the vitrine.  Layla marched straight up to it (it was conveniently placed at her two-year old line of vision), wedged her short index finger against the glass, pointing at the darkest cake and therefore conceivably the chocolate one and said “..’Dat - un’.  (That one)

It was a chocolate Guinness cake or rather chocolate Lausitzer Porter, Katie corrected me “we are trying to use locally sourced ingredients”.  It made me think of London, of Nigella purring on in the background about some recipe or other, while I flipped through the Observer food monthly on a weekend.  It was quite a slice I guess, given that it induced a bout of home-sickness.  I also had an egg, mayonnaise and cress sandwich but I think the cakes are the main attraction.  After all, Hudson’s Cakes started out wholesaling cakes.

I would love if there were a few English and American cook books to flip through and buy.  It might go that way, given that they already have a small shelf with bowls for sale.  There were some whisperings about cooking classes, or some events.  Which I would sign up for immediately because that bright corner shop, a former yoga studio Jim told me, seems like the perfect spot to spend an extended amount of time in.

Boppstrasse 1
10967 Berlin

6 Responses to Hudson’s Cakes, British Cakes, Kreuzberg

  1. James says:

    Oiroight moi ol’ mucka this looks pucka.

    How’s the coffee… tea?

    • Jaime? Is that you?

      Only had a latte there and it was very milky, not the New Zealand / Australian - microfoam style like they do at the Barn or Bonanza Coffee Heroes in P’Berg.

  2. James says:

    You know it me ol’ china… oh I can’t keep that up. We *may* pay this place a visit - for us, the coffee is everything. Maybe we’ll take a flask…

  3. The Hudsons says:


    Just a quick note to say thanks for the review. It’s still early days so we’re open to all feedback. More new cakes to come - “Lime & Coconut” today - plus we’ve started a lunch special in the week, 5€ for soup and a sandwich.

    @James - please do come down and say Hi. We’re happy to make a flat white for you if that’s your preference.

    Katie & Jim

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