Café Einstein Stammhaus, Old Fashioned Coffee & Lunch in a Villa, Tiergarten

There are a few Einstein cafés around Berlin.  Always opt for one of those coffees over Balzac and certainly over Starbucks (Only because I think the coffee is too milky not because I subscribe to the “Starbucks is ruining the world” movement.)

This Einstein is really special.  It’s in an old villa in Tiergarten.  Parts of the ceiling and faux columns are gilded, there are large mirrors set into the walls adding to the feeling of opulence.  The waiters/waitresses  wear black trousers, white shirts and are very polite.  There are even ‘stations’ for them to put down their trays.  It’s all very grown up and reminiscent of a bygone time when everything and everyone was more elegant.  
Coffee choices abound, nevertheless I stuck to a cappuccino and it was just as it should be. Hrabi ordered ‘Grand Cafe’ breakfast plate (€12.20) which came without eggs so he ordered those separately (€6.00), an orange juice (€5.00), a cafe latte (€4.30).  That’s the main drawback of Einstein, it’s expensive.  His breakfast ended up costing €27.50.  I had the white asparagus with ham (€19.00), a soda (€3.50), a cappuccino (€3.50) and a very delicious rhubarb tart (€3.70) totalling €29.70.  Quality wise, it’s pretty good but I would say that Brot & Butter is significantly better.  But at Brot & Butter, you either have to perch on bar stools with annoyingly small tables or sit outside (and I don’t know why but I find that corner to be very windy) meanwhile at the Stammhaus, you are comfortable and are served well.  

It’s somewhere to go to when you want to treat yourself or better yet, when someone has offered to treat you!

Café Einstein Stammhaus
Kurfürstenstraße 58
10785, Tiergarten

2 Responses to Café Einstein Stammhaus, Old Fashioned Coffee & Lunch in a Villa, Tiergarten

  1. Henry Lee says:

    Thanks for your review about the Cafe Einstein Stammhaus. So far, I’ve only been to a couple of these - namely, at Ernst-Reuter Platz and on Friedrichstrasse in Mitte - but I’ve found them both to be very decent.

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