Brot & Butter, the Manufactum Deli, Charlottenburg

I finally got round to having lunch at Brot & Butter this weekend (the bakery, deli that is adjacent to Manufactum).

I wanted to avoid eating meat for lunch and didn’t want the pasta so I opted for the odd sounding Mojo Rojo (I kept picturing Austin Powers, didn’t he always go on about his mojo?).  I was told this dish comes from the Canary Islands but having since looked it up, it doesn’t have too much of a relation to the original recipe.  That didn’t stop it from being utterly delicious.  It was a piquant cream cheese, with pureed cooked red peppers folded through it, chunks of sun-dried tomatoes (They’re back! Or maybe here in Berlin, they never left) and fat olive slices.  The cheese was served with pan roasted potatoes, a clump of peppery rocket and a big spoon full of that cucumber salad that Germans do so well, limp and transparent (sounds dodgy, tastes delicious).  

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Manufactum Cookware Shop and Knesbeckstrasse, Charlottenburg

I am going to teach you how to wile away an entire afternoon and spend too much money on things you don’t urgently need but end up desperately wanting.  If you consider yourself to be a reasonable person, you should probably look away now…

Manufactum is like a German version of Divertimenti, the cookware section at Harrods and Lakeland; all rolled into one and simmered until it is the very essence of those 3 except more expensive.  You can buy a meat slicer starting from €600, or a Jelly making kit or whatever, if it’s fancy Manufactum will have it.

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