Angry Chicken, Fried Chicken, Kreuzberg

There is a new addition to Kimchi Princess (which I wrote about here): Angry Chicken, Korean Fried Chicken.  No seats (at least not when we were there) just standing room for about 10 people at the concrete bar, facing the concrete wall, with a few wisps of  neon spray paint.  There is a lot of neon at Angry Chicken, so much that it resets my mind clock back to the 80′s and makes me wonder why I didn’t think to wear my neon leg warmers and high top Reeboks (you know the ones with 2 velcro fastenings at the ankle and shoelaces at the bottom)?  And maybe some terry cloth sweat bands, to keep my permed hair out of my eyes and an oversized sweater over my stretch stirrup pants.

Phew! That one kind of ran away on its own.

Paging Richard Simmons & Olivia Newton John…

Seriously though.

Your options are So So Angry Chicken (extra spicy), Angry Chicken (cinnamon sweet chilli), Sexy Chicken (soy garlic), Friendly Chicken (classic crunch), Furious Chicken (super spicy) with sizes of M = 6 pieces (€3.50), L = 9 pieces (€5.00), XL = 15 pieces (€8.50).  We tried the ones in red.  Furious Chicken will make steam come out of your ears and should be ordered with a side of fries to give your mouth a break.  So So Angry seemed to be just spicy enough, Angry chicken was mild.The chicken is dipped and fried to order and then goes into whatever sauce you picked.  It was tasty, greasy, crunchy and sticky.  It’s basic fast food and the prices reflect that.  The man behind the counter was prepping the chicken when we were there and by prepping, I mean using scissors to cut the wing in half and I noticed that the chicken was Halal and didn’t look too dodgy in the raw.

I think that if they salted the chicken after it came out of the oil and let it hang out just for a minute or two before dunking it in the sauce, it might improve it (I felt the Angry chicken needed more salt, couldn’t tell with the Furious Chicken because it seared my taste buds).

I thought the fries were very good, I don’t know why I was so surprised by that.

Great place to have in your address book for a quick snack, particularly if you have had a drink or two.

Angry Chicken
Skalitzer Straße 36,
10999 Berlin

In English on Angry Chicken
La Buzz

2 Responses to Angry Chicken, Fried Chicken, Kreuzberg

  1. James says:

    Shit! Just been, and had the So So Angry rather than the Furious cos I got mixed up. Still, nice - and dicks all over the KFC I had back in London - but looking forward to getting steamy next time!

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