Dada Falafel, Mitte

I love fast food, street food and hole in the wall places.  The best of these tend to be those that focus on doing one thing well.  Dada Falafel is one of those places.  Although they have expanded from a hole in the wall and have a two-floor seating area next door which serves as a temporary gallery and plays chill out music.  The falafel is fried to order and is crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

You can have your falafel in a sandwich (€3.00).

Or on a plate (€4.50).

There is also a €7.00 plate that has meat and more salad which I have yet to try.  Personally I prefer my falafel in a pita bread with lot’s of tahini.  It is after all, fast food, meant to be eaten quickly - usually while standing up.

The man behind the counter asked me if I wanted my falafel with regular sauce or hot.  The “hot” was accompanied by a smirk and a sparkle in his eye.

I can do hot! I thought.  ”Hot!” I replied.

The pita bread was a dream; soft and fluffy.  The vegetables play a very important supportive role in this kind of sandwich and they were spot on; the carrots were crunchy, the cucumbers juicy and the lettuce crisp.  And the sauce was really hot.  It got hotter the further down that I ate because it had all pooled to the bottom.

By the time I got to the last bite, I was sweating (just a bit) even though I was sitting outside, my nose cleared and my gums began to tingle.  Those with a fragile constitution might do well to avoid the hot sauce, even if the guy behind the counter seems to be goading you on.  

Dada Falafel
10115 Berlin, Germany
U Oranienburger Tor

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